Starwise Edition 1, May ’17 online


In this first issue the duality is approached between consciousness of higher Angels that inspire us from out of the starry sky, and the visit on a physical level of extraterrestrials that tell they come from the stars. Without giving final conclusions about this, there are supposed some questions how can be looked at these phenomena from Christian esoteric and astrology.

Besides this you will find reports about renewed landscape work that is involving the stars more closely; and reports of the construction of a zodiacal lyre, of family fractioning of the star constellations. And an overview of the movements of the planets that offer us chances for development. Enjoy reading!

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 Edition 1, May ’17:

1 Introduction

2 The religious year: From Easter until Saint John

3 Is Antarctica the Box of Pandora? – Whistleblowers of Extraterrestrials and Technology

4 The Develeopment of Man and the Earth in the Light of Astrosophy

5 The seven dimensions in Coherence with our Consciousness

6 The dance of the Planets: Stars and Events

7 New Landscape Work in Coherence with the Stars

8 Report of the Construction of a Cancer / Scorpio Lyre

9 Report of star Constellation Drafting

10 Agenda of Jasper Courses May, June



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