Starwise Edition 2, July ’17 online


In this second issue themes came up that strongly coheres with the workings from the cosmos upon man and nature. It arose from a number of inner events, as were the encounters with the star gate guardians and Mother Earth, with the gradual ripening question to involve them more with the landscape work and also the initiation of the people. Thereupon arose a variety of articles. And a few had been written before, but suited directly in these themes. So this time the focus is less on the present events. There are only indications to these with the Dance of the Planets and also the deliberation of the great Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August in the United States. Where we might execute landscape healing work by ourselves, if possible.

Besides this you will find reviews on a book and a movie.  And an overview of the movements of the planets that offer us chances for development. Enjoy reading!

If you have questions or remarks, or a significant attribution, please contact us.

 Edition 2, July ’17:

1 Introduction

2 The Cosmic Origin of Elemental Beings

3 Earth Angels

4 The four Starry Ways as Paths for Development

5 Rituals and Initiation by the Star Gate Angels

6 The Dance of the Planets

7 The great Solar Eclipse in the US

8 Book review of Stars on Earth from Richard Leviton

9 Movie review of Cloud Atlas

10 Agenda of Jasper Courses July, August



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