eBook Karmic Astrosophy


– a practical method of experience within image, music and plastic art

.The difference between star image and star sign and its meaning for mankind
.The musical elements of the four human bodies in connection with the worlds of elements, natural beings en angel hierarchies
.Directions for horoscopes, experienced within sound and rhythm on the base of images out of nature, as a path of training.
.Directions to work out from impulses towards virtues and ideals within plastic, out of the horoscope

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Bound, soft cover, 442 pages

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On the base of the cosmic development of man and the Earth, being led by Christ, the sections of the cosmic events are painted, that precipitated on the Earth and show out within a horoscope. There is indicated which spiritual beings are active in the different parts of the horoscope. These workings are described imaginative so you can well picture these.
From the three and fourfold image of man are being described  the parts of the horoscope as cosmic realities, reflected inside man. These are indicated as the music
al workings described in measure, rhythm, and scales as sound spaces.  On the base of the imaginative approach of the horoscope and the musical determinations, the different planet and other positions of the horoscope  can be approached in an artistic-musical way. This has as an aim to make conscious the inner organ and soul processes, that thus have possibilities to cure.
Next is indicated how the different cosmic realities and their precipitations on the Earth can be recognized as form gestures and also investigated with the help of clay modeling.
Practical therapeutic indications are being given, besides the possibilities to apply these insight as well in other fields.
The sonic-holistic methods of research within the four human bodies have been worked out in an artistic way in the music theatre plays  ‘Stories around the Life Tree’ and ‘The House and the Mother’.

Nicholas M. de Jong has worked out the methods behind this book after 15 years of experiences in his practice , in which he explains horoscopes and also works out the schooling methods with the people with whom he works in the Jasper School.

With this book, Astrosophy has become an independent method for research and  schooling, that gives new tools to Goethean science on the levels of imagination, inspiration and intuition.