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SELF REALIZATION – A Guide for Inner Unfurling

In this book all the schooling methods of the Jasper School come together. With illustrations, initiation music, dances, and not to forget the many practicing methods. A workbook with spiritual backgrounds; it offers you a path of initiation or develop yourself in the realm of white magic.

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Index Self Realization

A short biographical outline of Nicholas de Jong attunes you to from where he got his inspirations. This was the Christ being in the clouds, so in the ethereal worlds. He elaborated his spiritual experiences into working methods in a skala of fields, which he investigated together with other people such as participants of his educations and landscape healing projects .

So you will find tools to investigate your inner world through your senses, your inner organs, your chakra’s and the willing impulses you take along  from the ideals that stem from the stars. As well as how to realize these in the world by developing virtues that help you develop  your chakra petals. And you will also find tools to heal other  people, the landscape and her beings, and work with the angels of heaven and of the Earth.

The methods are based on holistic /Goethean science. Through this it is possible for anyone,  undependent  of his or her education, to investigate in the realms mentioned and work out what lives within to be realized on the Earth.

Become what you have come for and realize your higher Self in doing. Have joy with the  artistic playful methods that nourish and educate your inner child. Become what you have intended.

A book  to work with yourself and the earth and all her beings. It might be useful all through your life.



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