CD Xmas Mood 2005


Music of the planets in their position during Christmas ’05

These short musical lines let you hear the  sounds and rhythms of the positions of the planets at Xmas Eve. The lyra gives the rhythms and sound spaces, upon which the musical sentence is based. This is performer bij the flute.These musical pieces help you to attune to the cosmos out of your own inner organs towards the planets. Thus you approach the Harmony of the Spheres at that moment. Let yourself be taken in these meditative moods and connect yourself to these. Then experience what happens to you.

At the base of this music lies a search for years to the workings of the sounds and rhythms out of the stars and planetaire spheres, which has been given form in Astrophony. From here comes this music. There arise meditative melodies for each planet, carried upon specific rhythms.

Nicolaas Marius – Aquarius lyre; Cisca van der Straaten – Transverse flute

Music sample: No. 5. Neptune in Aquarius, the 7th house


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Musical lines on the lyre and transverse flute of the planetary sounds and rhythms:

  1. Venus in Aquarius, the 6th housexmas-mood-2005-front
  1. The moon in Libra, the 3rd house
  1. The Sun in Capricorn, the 5th house
  1. Mars in Taurus, the 10th house
  1. Neptune in Aquarius, the 7th house
  1. Mercury in Sagittarius, the 5th house
  2. Saturn in Leo the 12th house
  3. Jupiter in Scorpio, the 4th house
  4. Uranus in Pisces, the 8th house
  5. Pluto in Scorpio, the 5th house