Music and music files of Nicolaas Marius, singer-songwriter and composer.

Some say ‘His singing sucks’

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Others say ‘His music is so consoling’. Or ‘There is so much love in the singing.’

They all may be right. There ‘s suffering in it, but as well the wish to come over allay life to reach at higher dimensions.

The thing is, that most of the music has arisen from a wish to heal, in the people he met and was in inspired by, as well as in the landscape.  And more and more the music was inspired by the sounds and beats of the planets and stars, so there ‘s a kind of development you can experience: from a would-be street player to one that more and more is inclined to ritual and avebury-bard-1sacredness. This continued in his ‘New Bard School’, in which he educates other musicians in working with elemental beings, landscape and celestial angels.

Convince yourself.

PS. Most (though not all) of the music was originally written in Dutch and then translated. It has been performed by him and his wife Marion at several occasions though in England and the US.


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