Music files CD Songs of the Inner Temple


Music of the Inner World when two persons really meet

These songs render the soul gestures  you can make when we meet one another out of different moods, which are based in the organs.  The music expresses these moods, the lyrics lead you to the encounter and all it contains. The temple is opened by the adagium ‘Man remember you’, is blessed by the poem ‘Love temple’ and closed by the ‘Angel Singing’, a sung intimate duet of Marion and Nicolaas that resounds as a promise. Let you be surprised by these poetic words and music.

Just like the Widar Songs, these are written on the rhythms and scales of our inner organ processes. These songs however lead you more to the own inner world, where in moods you can experience your own movings which are based in the organs.  These give you an acces to the tender and sometimes more intense feelings which make up your soul. This forms a softer base for contemplation on the music, wherewith the poetic words can take you along to not-expected places within yourself. Let you be teken by the at times enchanting singing, specifically where the alchemic singing together of  Nicolaas and Marion can exalt you.

Nicolaas Marius – singing, different instruments

Marion Groenendal – singing

Textbook in the CD-cover

Sample: Curbing unto you


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Songs of the inner Temple

  1. Man do memorize voice, guitar, bass, percussionlit-front-english
  2. Love temple poem
  3. Sound pillar voices, guitar, bass, percussion
  4. Heart beat voice, guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion
  1. Heart sounds harp, percussion
  2. Curbing onto you voice, guitar, flute, percussion
  3. Body temple voices, guitar, percussion
  4. Resounded words voice, guitar, keyboard, percussion
  5. Inner sea of life Waterman lyre, percussion
  6. Give me life space voice, guitar, bass, keyboard, percussion
  1. Deeply sunken voice, guitar, keyboard, percussion
  2. Angel singing voices, guitar, bas, percussion


These songs paint the movements of the soul, when two people meet each other in love and go on their way. Each song follows musically the soul spaces that are being caused by the different organs at the heart as consciousness.

Singer and composer Nicolaas Marius has written these songs as a continuation of his work to help people to open up their inner senses and direct these by means of music out of which the soul has been constructed, and that is a reflection of the Harmonies of the Spheres.

Marion Groenendal sang before in the music theatre play ‘Once’ one of the main parts, and cooperates with Nicolaas in many fields.


Recorded at the

Tourmaline Studio’s

© 2012 by Nicolaas Marius, Maassluis, NL. All rights reserved.


Also published in Dutch and German

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