Music files CD Perspects Plus


Music by Nicolaas Marius
Folk for the Heartbeat

English and French songs with lyre and guitar accompaniment

Songs of travel impressions, written by Nicolaas Marius on his way. Each song describes a phenomenon he encountered. As seen from his own perspective, and hence unique and special. The at times inciting guitar play on the rhythms may take you, and then again brings you in stiller waters, like in the song ‘The Sea’. But none leaves you untouched. Do listen to the deeper meaning of the words. You will take these with you.

Only acoustics

Music sample: No. 5. Eugly


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CD Perspects Plus    Solo-album

by Nicolaas Mariuscd-perspects-plus

Folk for the Heartbeat

3 Songs about Parcival (1998):

  1. As a Parcel of Land (Ascendant Taurus)

Aquarius lyre, voice

  1. Come on, go Parcival (Moon in Libra)

Aquarius lyre, voice

  1. Valleys open up (Sun in Virgo)

Aquarius lyre, voice

  1. A Creation of Matter (Unfinished)

            guitar, voice

  1. Eugly (1981)

guitar, voice, base, percussion

  1. Song of the Fjords (2002)

guitar, voice, tabla

  1. La Mer (1982)

guitar, voice, accordeon

  1. Les Rats de la Ville (1982)

guitar, voice, base, violoncello, djembe

  1. Une fois (1983)

guitar, voice, alto flute, Gemini violin

  1. Des Illusions 2 (1983)

guitar, voice, base, violoncello, djembe, tablas

  1. Elektra (2000)

             guitar, tabla’s, didgeree doo (P. Steensma), voices:

             Nicholas Marius, E. Nijeboer, E. Slikkerveer, P. Steensma


Recorded at the

Toermaline Studios

Meppel, The Netherlands, EU

Info tel. 0031-6-40228769


© 2005 by Nicolaas Marius, Meppel, The Netherlands, EU. All rights reserved