Double-CD Planet, Organ and Chakra sounds and Rhythms


Music for your Inner World

Played by Nicolaas Marius on the lyra and bongo

This music consists of improvisations on the lyra on a basic rhythm. The rhythm are composer of the measure type stemming from the planet movements as it works out in the inner organs; besides these a metric rhythm stemming from our chakras. The sounds move within the scales of that organ. These scales are the ancient Greek ones that we call church scales as being used in the Middle Ages. The last composer applying these was Beethoven, at the end of his life when he was already deaf. Apparently he then heard more from the inside.

The lyre is based on the star constellation of Aquarius. The shape of it was the base for its sound space. That gives the music a warm but solid timbre. Nicolaas Marius has developed both the lyra and the music in this way, as a part of his search in the applied astrosophy.

Sample: 4. Sun/heart Process

This music is the base of the  meditative texts that have been applied with the  ‘Weekday Exercises’ en de ‘Gestures of the Star Constellations as Ideals’ (in translation), and as well in he books ‘Consciousness in the Heart’ and ‘Self Realization’ (soon to be released).

Experience your own inner world with cosmic-earthly  music

Improvisations on the Waterman-lyre, on bongo rhythms. Meditative sounds to attune yourself to the organs and chakras. From each organ and chakra resounds the tones and rhythms as coloring inner spaces, to which you can attune  in rest and contemplation. This music that is attuned to the sphere harmony,  can give you a quite basis to sort ut things within yourself that go well or less. Feel yourself recognized and cared by your own organs. This music has has developed from the research of the planets in us, and originates in horoscope music that is based on this. You can attune yourself very directed to the own inner world so that you learn to know yourself from the inside and find the way within yourself.

Invent yourself in a new way through your inner music!

Double CD € 25, –   shipping costs included

As music files € 7, 50 


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