Music of the Star Constellations


This music of the star constellations give you an access to the stars through the experience at the heart. Herewith you bring the cosmos closer than the head can do. For with pondering you easily disappear in the infinity of the cosmos with millions of light years and an empty space. While your heart may feel how closes they are. These are meditative sounds that bring you closer to yourself, for deep within us we carry these star sounds. We hear them every night in our sleep when we are in their realms.

Example: The Swan/Northern Cross in sounds :


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Music that reconnects you to the starry sky

You can experience the star constellations at the sky closely when you hear their sounds, which open your heart more easily for them. This is because the Sun, Moon and planets go round through the Zodiac and herewith transmit these starry sounds inwardly through our organs as sound-force workings, which can arouse our ideals. In ancient times this was common, now we have to make efforts to let these work.

The music of these star sounds have arisen by taking the distance of the stars to the Zodiac/eclipse, and their perpendicular projection on the eclipse als their rhythm. You can experience this on the base of a tranquil 12/4 measure, with each rhythmical beat cohering with 2 ½ degrees of the Zodiac. This is a combination of the heart beat and the life rhythm. Through this you can connect with the star sounds out of yourself.

We take along the star constellations from before birth. These form our ideals, that have been grounded in the warmth crystals in and through us, in the body that we use to call the ‘phantom body’. The ideal forces of the star constellations are as well being sung in words on the base of their music, so you can more easily connect to them.  This is a of self initiation in the workings of the stars in and all through you.

For the backgrounds, texts and music, see the book ‘Star Constellations as Ideals in Sound, Word and Gesture‘. Order here

For the video’s of the gestures of the star constellations, on the base of the music and words, including introductions to each of the constellations and their place in one of the paths of initiation at the starry sky, see here.