CD Widar Songs


Music by Nicolaas Marius


The Widar Songs paint the mechanical influences to which man is exposed, and the possibilities that man has with these influences to transform for the good.
Every song follows a day in the week (from Sunday onwards) and these are well suited for the Holy Week before Easter, because it entails contents that we will meet the strongest during this time; the forces of death and resurrection. Without any liturgy or religious direction as its background: Singer-songwriter Nicolaas Marius has developed these as a sequence in his work to cure landscapes, and therewith humans, with the Beings of Nature.

Kosmopop songs written after the beats and sonic rooms of the planets that resound in our organs. Music to surprise your inner world with threats and how to deal with these.

Music sample: No. 1. If ever man:

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CD Widar Songs    Solo-album

by Nicolaas Mariuswidar-songs-voor-engels

  1. If ever man

Guitar, singing, flute, tubular bells, cello, percussion

  1. Behold your place

Guitar, singing, steel drum, base, percussion

  1. Dare you not

Guitar, singing, flute, base, keyboard, percussion

  1. Where there ’s no more listening

Guitar, singing, marimba, keyboard, percussion

  1. Are you fond of your own convictions

Guitar, singing, cello, Virgo lyre, sound sculpture percussion

  1. Web of radiation

Guitar, singing, Gemini violin, cello, harp, percussion

  1. Phantom

Guitar, singing, keyboard, percussion

8.   Four Seeds

Guitar, singing, keyboard, percussion


Recorded at the

Tourmaline Studios

Meppel, The Netherlands, EU

Info tel. 0031-6-40228769


© 2008 by Nicolaas Marius, Meppel, The Netherlands, EU. All rights reserved