Double-CD Sound Meditations 2012


Music of the Spheres at the Winter Solstice 2012

On the 1st CD you hear the sounds and rhythms of the planets in short musical lines at the winter solstice of 2012. On the base of the lyra that indicate the sound space, measure type and rhythm,  the melodies of the different planets develop, played with different instruments. Thus arise sound meditations. These help you to attune to this important solstice that coheres with the transformation of consciousness from the head to the heart.

On the 2nd CD the melodie of the planets that are connected by aspects are being played through one another , which makes you experience their interplay of forces of that moment. Thus intense music arises, which make you experience this interplay even deeper in meditation.

The planet in measure type, rhythm and melodie out of their place in the sky at the 21st of December 2012 at 1 P.M have been transposed into music. Thus arise sound meditations of their inner forces at that moment, which was important for the overall development of mankind. See to this the book ‘Consciousness in the Heart – 2012 and the New Path’ (in translation). Listen to the separate sound lines with your inner ear (CD 1) and recognize yourself in it. Then listen to the planets that interact (CD 2), in which you can experience their play of forces. This gives you a deeper experience of that important moment, even though it lies in the past already.

Nicolaas Marius – Aquarius lyre, different instruments

Music sample: The Sun in Capricorn square at Uranus in Aries

Double CD € 25, –   shipping costs included

As music files € 7, 50 

Experience your own inner world with cosmic-earthly  music

Improvisations on the Waterman-lyre, on bongo rhythms. Meditative sounds to attune yourself to the organs and chakras. From each organ and chakra resounds the tones and rhythms as coloring inner spaces, to which you can attune  in rest and contemplation. This music that is attuned to the sphere harmony,  can give you a quite basis to sort ut things within yourself that go well or less. Feel yourself recognized and cared by your own organs. This music has has developed from the research of the planets in us, and originates in horoscope music that is based on this. You can attune yourself very directed to the own inner world so that you learn to know yourself from the inside and find the way within yourself.

Invent yourself in a new way through your inner music!



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