Data Weekday Exercises to reconnect to our cosmic origin


Weekday Exercises 
to reconnect you to your cosmic origin-exercises for each day of the week with its specific planetary and starry forces

– sayings, music and gestures;

– Planet sounds and rhythms as soul prayers

-Chakra virtue gestures

-Star constellations as ideal forces

-Video’s on DVD of the music and the movements

Booklet 24 p. + DVD € 20, – / US $ 22, 35 / UK £ 17,23 / Austr $ 30 / NZ $ 32, 15 Shipping costs included
 As an eBook + video files  € 12, 50 / US $ 13,90 / UK £ 11 / Austr $ 18 / NZ $ 19


Dayly Exercises in word, music and movement

weekday-exercises-frontAfter an overall introduction to where the days of the week stand for,  for each weekday are represented relevant texts and beautiful images on the base of planet/organ music , through which you can attune yourself to the organ in concern that works strongest on that day of the week. There are also given specific star constellations as gestures on the base of star music. The applied music in measure, rhythm and scale helps you to finetune to your inner world of life and soul. These are outworkings of Astrophony.

On the included DVD the introduction to each day of the week are given, and you see shown the movements from out of the inner organs , chakras and star constellations on the base of the music and spoken texts. When you play this on your DVD recorder or computer, you can watch and join in at the same time. This helps you to attune to the weekly in concern and what plays then. Thus you are more awake for what may encounter you.

Videos of:

  • Introductions to the days of the week
  • Gestures from the organs and chakras with:

– Planet/organ sounds and rhythms as soul regions

– Chakra virtue gestures

– Star constellations as ideal forces