eBook Science Otherwise


To a new holistic science practice 

2nd revised edition

.The obsolete science practice
.Adaption to the present-day consciousness
.A picturing of new ways and methods of investigation on the base of own experiences
.The image of the stars and planets, working on earth, and pictured in the horoscope, as an archetype of man, the earth and the social organism
.Astronomy, mother of science, as a new one, covering the others
.The sciences grouped after cosmic-human relations; outworkings of the different sciences out of astronomy and the workings of the angels.
.The seven-limbed soul of organizations as the organic base for the three folded social organism
. A model of a three folded high school organization within the levels of spiritual science, objective art and moral techniques.

Contents    Chapter 4     Chapter 7 Economics I      Chapter 7-II Sevenfoldedness

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so-frontA biographical outline of Nicholas de Jong leads the reader along the ravel rims science. After a few deep spiritual experiences he succeeds in building up step by step an inner coherent concept of man. This includes working methods, tested with other people,  that can be traced and followed after for who wants.

Next science, after being analyzed on its most common faults, is reformulated from out of the workings of the cosmos upon man and his inner structure as a reflection from that cosmos within. From this follows a design for all tasks and sections of science, as it can be practiced from an overall concept of man. There is also outlined the plan for a new university to be installed that as well involves the workings from the spirit. This makes this book to a basic work of holistic /Goethean science for this century and the ones to come.


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