Video files Musical method from Astrophony


An explanation of the approved musical method to be able to work out of  a horoscope in measure, rhythm, scale and musical motive to work o your own inner being and as well the one of other people.

In four sections this method is being explained to you, with indications and examples. see here for the first part as a youtube video.


As video files € 5, 00

For the education in this music method, click here.

For a further deepening, see the books Karmic Astrosophy and Self Realization (in preparation).

Sections of the sound horoscopy instruction video:

part 1: introduction to the musical method of horoscopy + a description of the measure types from out of the planet movements in coherence with our organs

part 2: the metric rhythms and their relation to the life in relation to the houses of the horoscope

part 3: the planet scales and their origin

part 4: the major scales from the Zodiac, and the overall composition of the horoscope; possibilities of application of the sound horoscopy and indications for a further deepening